According to Feng Shui, a chubby body – is “sick” energy, which is materialized in the form of being overweight. A tremendous appetite, which attacks us at home, can be connected with the wrong organization of one’s apartment space. If you tune your living space on your health strengthening, then it will help you to settle into shape…

Step 1.

Empty your settle into shape from … fat Chinese people who talk in the language of symbols. There’re no casual words in Feng Shui. In the phrase “excess weight” the main reason for surplus kilograms is in code – this is the word ‘excess”. It names the reason and at the same time suggests ways for this problem solution. Ancient Chinese people knew that our entourage – is a continuation of us. Rubbish in your house means rubbish in your body. The first and main step for growing thin according to Feng Shui lies in the removal of the things, which you haven’t been using for 6-12 months. The more excess things you have in your house, the bigger the excess weight of family members is, and the more often they fall sick. Excess things are not only cloth and shoes (5-6 hangers in a wardrobe for present-day cloth and shelves for underclothes will be quite enough for every woman, and the rest things, hanging in your wardrobe – represent fat), and also old toys, cream tubes and bottles of scents, children’s cloth, casual books, old medicines, broken plates, etc. It’s very hard to part with your favorite dress, in which you “grow thin”? Start with small things: throw away one excess thing a day – and grow thin!

Step 2.

Hide your kitchen doors “Hungry” energy ways are unsearchable. Our energy flows in the direction of our look, our wishes are born according to the things we see. Room, situated opposite to the front door receives the biggest flow of energy. If this is the kitchen, then, naturally, your wishes will be striving to go there. Those, whose kitchens are situated on the right or left of corridors, will feel slightly easier. But it’s still difficult to go by. So, you need to do 4 things.

The kitchen is the center of family life and quite often also a place for guests. You should think about the way to direct your guests’ footsteps to a sitting room. This can be some decorative element (a rug) or a bright flashlight (a bird, bell) in a sitting-room doorway, combining corridor and sitting room. Kitchen doors should be made of some opaque material or you can veil them with pendant curtains. When you enter the kitchen, your look shouldn’t stare at a bred-basket or fridge, not to stir up your appetite. If you cannot rearrange your fridge, you also can veil it with some décor. Or you can distract your look from food sources, putting something disposing to communication in the foreground, for example, a pile of magazines, phones, or flowers. Any black knick-knack (black is the color of Water), placed on the North of your kitchen, will switch your attention from carnal to spiritual. If a hostess is standing at a gas stove with her back to the entrance, then she needs to hang a mirror near the gas stove, so that she could see everybody entering the kitchen.

Step 3.

Reconcile gas stove with sink All sorts of energies are concentrated on a small kitchen area and they conflict with each other. The most “scandalous” neighbors are elements of Water and Fire (Fire energy is usually represented by the gas stove, toaster, and coffee machine. Water energy guides are fridge and sink). Conflict of these elements influences your figure, to be more exact: causes indigestion and at the same time ambitious plans of a head of a family. It’s clear who is a head of a family. And ambitious plans include jeans of half-child’s size, which you just have to put on by summer. A typical mistake of modern apartments is that gas-stove and sinks are situated near each other. This is quite economical: you boil spaghetti and pour off water at once. Skilled craftsmen even combine surfaces of a gas stove, table, and sink together. But Chinese people are against it! However, a method, which can solve this problem, doesn’t require re-planning: 2 hostile elements can be reconciled with each other with the help of the third element – Wood. Fence off the sink with some element, bringing “wooden” energy. This can be a wooden carving board, put sideways in a gap between a sink and table; a decorative tray, painted with plant ornament, or a live flower (if there will be a place for it there). Any green-colored object also brings a friendly energy of Wood.

Step 4.

Feed… mirror In China they say: “Have you already had a meal today?” instead of greeting – this shows their serious attitude to the process of eating. Feng Shui adherents eat according to Feng Shui too, and that’s why they don’t grow fat. This means, they…

– don’t eat in the same place where they cook (if you have no possibility to divide the kitchen into 2 zones – for cooking and eating – with a screen, then it’s better to eat in another room, except the bedroom).

– prefer ceramic crockery

– lay a round, octagonal, or oval table. These are optimal forms for better assimilation of food and harmony in the body and family. A table shouldn’t be made of transparent glass, it disseminates and let pass all good energy.

– eat in the following order: cold collations (potherbs, fish, bird, vegetables), first course (dishes of paste and rice noodle soup), dessert (fruits, cakes, pastries), and alcohol during the whole meal. Don’t be frightened! Chinese people don’t admit to any restrictive diets: they eat everything but in very small bird portions.

– increase the number of portions with the help of … mirrors! Food is reflected in mirrors, redoubled by sight, and this way a man eats a “double” portion, and, in fact, doesn’t overeat. Moreover, a “full-fed” mirror redoubles all riches of a house with gratitude. Mirrors can be hung in a room the way they would reflect the whole table, or you can put a small mirror near dishes. You won’t grow fat! Receipts according to Feng Shui Against adiposity Green peas (not canned) – 100 g, laminaria – 100 g. Water – 200 ml. Boil on a small fire for 5 minutes. Eat a ready portion once a day. The course is 14 days.

If you suffer from thyroid gland and blood circulation dysfunction 1. Laminaria – 200 g. Water – 200 ml. Boil for 5 minutes, and eat twice a day (cook a fresh portion every time). The course is 7 days. 2. Green haricot – 60 g, laminaria – 30 g, cinnamon – 6 g, unrefined sugar – 60 g, water – 200 ml. Boil on a small fire for 7 minutes. Eat a ready portion at once, once a day. The course is 14 days.

For better stomach work stimulation 1. Unpeeled potato – 250 g, honey – 10 g. Boil potato, and cook puree. Eat this mass in the morning on an empty stomach with honey. The course is 14 days. 2. Cabbage – 500 g, rice – 50 g, water – 200 ml. Boil rice till ready, add cabbage, and stew for 5 minutes. Eat half a portion twice a day. The course is 14 days.

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