Are Weight Loss Supplements Worth It?

What do you think of the hundreds of weight loss supplements out there on the shelves today? Are they worth the money? Will they actually help you lose weight? How do you know which ones are going to work for you? Is there any proof that these products work?... I've...

The Negative Health Effects of Eating Processed Food

Everybody who isn’t living under a rock has heard that processed foods are very unhealthy. The obvious reason for this is that humans tend to have reactions when they are exposed to weird chemicals and chemicals that can’t be pronounced definitely fall into the...

Why Your Cardiovascular Workouts Might Be A Big Waste Of Your Time

What if I were to tell you that most if not all of the cardiovascular exercise you do was worthless? Well, guess what…over 50% of the people who perform cardio in an attempt to burn fat are wasting their time… hours and hours of it! Are you one of them? Before you...

Traveling Fitness

How to keep in shape while on the road! Whether you travel for business or pleasure, being on the road usually leads to one thing: weight gain. From missed workouts to large restaurant meals, travel days often become high-calorie days. Next time that you go on the...

9 Surprising Sources of Sugar Eliminate These Foods Now For a Flat, Sexy Stomach

(Added) sugar By any other name still has the same effect on fat loss - it slows it down considerably by effecting hunger, blood sugar hormone and insulin levels .  If you want to create a truly “fit” kitchen, you want to minimize the added sugars in your food. The...

Look! It’s a Fat Person!

Perhaps like you, I’ve become more aware of the IMAGES I see in publications. I publish ezines and websites for myself and others and choose graphics and photographs for these. Marketing fundamentals tell us that “like attracts like” and since as far as I know none of...



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