The proverbial ‘I am on diet’ cliché is admittedly becoming tiring for most people. People who want to live a healthy life in 2016 should not deny themselves good food but rather focus more on living fuller lives. As you enjoy life, so will you be able to achieve your diet goals. The diet trend predictions for 2016 which will definitely make this year unique are as follows:

  • Sugar will be avoided – In recent years, scientists and nutritionists have emphasized on the need to reduce sugar intake. However, in recent months, there has been serious campaign on the need to reduce sugar intake for both men and women. It is recommended that women take a maximum of 6 teaspoonfuls and 9 for men. Reduced sugar helps in weight reduction.
  • Go for Matcha – The now trending powdered Japanese green tea is definitely a great way to help you achieve your 2016 diet resolution. Simply whisk the powder into hot water and milk and enjoy the drink.
  • Nut milks are loved – More and more people are now going for nut milks because they are avoiding soy related products as well as dairy products.
  • Seaweed instead of kales – Rather than taking a bunch of kales, go for underwater plants such as kelp which come with profound benefits like reducing body weight and skin care capability. Taking seaweed is becoming one of the popular diet trend predictions for 2016 because one can even use it as a replacement of the common salt.
  • More plant protein – While most people insist on eating a piece of meat every so often, plant based proteins such as the quinoa and buckwheat which are healthier will replace the more common sources of protein.
  • Improve mineral intake – Vitamins have been hyped for a long time probably at the expense of minerals. Minerals such magnesium, zinc and calcium among others are bound to take over from vitamins in 2016. You will find many mineral based supplements readily sold around.
  • Cook more and avoid eating out – While eating out for a majority of the people is almost a must – at least twice a week-, people are more likely to go back to the basics of cooking. Grocery delivery companies have in the past months once again found themselves getting more calls to deliver grocery.
  • Bone broth is the new juice – If you are looking forward to cleanse your blood and digestion systems, the bone broth which comes with a plethora of minerals and other nutrients will definitely help you achieve your goal.
  • Start using legume flour – Many people have never considered cooking beans, lentils and other legumes in flour form. One of the sure diet trend predictions for 2016 is the use of legume floor which will replace the traditionally used corn and wheat flours.
  • Take life more positively – Time and again, it has been said that for one to achieve great body shape, they will need to have ample inner strength which will enable them cope with the everyday challenges. More people are definitely going to embrace positive living as one of their strategies to achieving their 2016 diet goals.


Here’s a video going over another perspective of the trends coming in 2016:


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