Have you ever had one of those days where everything just seemed to go right?

Ever have one of those workouts where everything seemed to just “click” on all cylinders and all of your lifts and all of your exercises were great?

A day where you just feel extreme energy coursing through your body as you go from one exercise to the next, ready to kick it up an even “higher notch.”

Let me ask you, are these workouts few and far between for you?

Do you wish you could have an awesome workout every single time you wrap your hands around the steel bar or step up onto the Treadmill?

Well, you can.

What’s the alternative, betting that you can’t?

Every single time you step foot into a gym to lift, run, and sweat, you must approach that workout like it’s the very last one you’ll ever do.

Truth be told, you never really know if it will be, but without sounding too morbid, that’s the mindset you must have.

You must condition yourself to hit a “high peak” each and every time you walk into a gym. Soon, a series of these “high peaks” ultimately must lead to nowhere BUT success.

I just gave you the key to what it takes to have a killer workout each and every time you step into the gym.

Your mindset.

The right frame of mind

It’s as simple as this….

Before you can create anything, you have to think about it.

Before you have, do, get, build…anything… you have to think about what it is you’re trying to achieve.

What are you ultimately after?

Architects do not start building houses until they’ve thought of every last little detail.

Then they just construct what they thought about.

Approach your workouts and your body the very same way.

You cannot and should not just walk into the gym without thinking of what you want to accomplish and just start exercising with no direction.

Before even stepping into the gym, know what you’re after.

If not, you’re spinning your wheels.

So what does that have to do with getting into the “Zone” and having a killer workout every single time?

When you are focused like a laser beam on those things that you KNOW will lead you to results, you start to become more motivated, and more driven. You know success is right around the corner, waiting to meet you halfway.

You feel like you are in that “Zone” which is going to lead you to what you want.

And it all starts with thinking about what you want.

More muscle, more strength, less body fat…

Keep these thoughts embedded in your mind.

And then begin to do only those things that will bring about those things you want to achieve.

If you know exactly what you want and know the exact steps to get it, how can you NOT have awesome workouts each and every time?

I mean, imagine yourself in the gym, right now, doing only those things that you KNOW are going to boost muscle and strength for you.

Wouldn’t you feel more pumped knowing that the stuff you are doing is going to lead you to where you want to be?

That’s exactly how you can have awesome workouts every single time you step into the gym….it comes from realizing that you are well on your way to getting what you want.

And that the only thing stopping you is you.

So the next time you step into the gym, approach it with an attitude that says “There is no possible way I can fail.”

If I go in there, do every single thing I know I have to do, and do it well, success is guaranteed 100% of the time.

What’s the alternative, dreading going to the gym and, when there, wishing you were somewhere else, speeding through your workouts just to get it done?

Every time you go to work out, make it the single best workout you’ve ever had.

I can PROMISE you, that if you do this, not only will you have great workouts every time, but you’ll also guarantee yourself fat loss, strength increase, muscle toning, or any other goal you want.

About the Author

Shawn LeBrun, Augusta, ME U.S.A.

Shawn LeBrun is one of the internet’s most published fitness and weight loss coaches. Visit his site to see how he can make this the year you achieve your best body ever!

Author: Editor

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