There are many factors that influence the diet of a person such as age, preference, religion, or blood group. For a long time, people were ignoring the role blood type played in determining the health of a person. Today, there are many studies that have already been conducted and which have found a direct relationship between the diet of a person and the wellness of their blood. The reaction that happens between what you eat and your blood is caused by a factor called lectins.

All foods which have proteins are rich in lectins. These lectins affect your blood in various ways. Whenever you consume a type of food that contains lectins that are incompatible with the antigen of your blood type, these lectins will target a body part and start agglutinating or clump together. The good thing about lectins, however, is that they don’t cause serious problems when ingested.

Reasons why you should start using blood type diets

  • Different blood types are susceptible to different diseases. Blood Group O people are not likely to develop heart related diseases but they are susceptible to getting ulcers. As for a person with Group A blood, they are more likely to develop microbial infections but women have a relatively higher fertility rate.
  • The blood group of a person determines to a high extent their stress levels and how they cope with the same. If you have blood Group A, you are likely to experience more stressful days than any other person who has a different blood type. However, you will tend to have a better capacity of dealing with stress. Blood O group overproduce adrenaline which make them make the ‘fight or flight’ decisions.
  • People with different blood types will have different amounts of bacteria in their guts. This means that there are people of certain blood group who are likely to have more stomach acid than others. People with blood Group A have a more efficient system of breaking down carbohydrates while people with type O have a tendency to store carbohydrates. This makes them susceptible to add weight whenever they consume foods rich in carbohydrates.

Blood types can be classified into four groups; that is A, O, B and AB.  According to many studies were done in the past years and others that are still being done, there is a general consensus that people who suffer from certain ailments or health problems are of a certain blood type.  This served to show that certain lectins react differently with different types of groups. It is for this reason that scientists carried out studies to establish what foods a person of a certain blood group should eat or avoid. The studies also showed that there are certain exercises that a person should perform in order to make their blood react appropriately with the lectins found in the foods they are eating.

The foods to eat or avoid for your blood type

Blood Group B

A person in this group should adopt a balanced omnivore diet. The best foods that a person should eat include meat, grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, and daily products. The foods they should avoid include chicken, lentils, olives, coconut, corn, tomatoes, and rye. For this person to lose unwanted weight they should focus more on eating venison, greens, eggs, liver, tea, and licorice. The physical exercises that this person will benefit from most include cycling and walking. Meditation helps a person to stay calm and reduce stress.

Blood Types

Blood Group O

People in this group should adopt a carnivorous diet. Their main meals should be high in proteins but low in carbohydrates. Among the foods to eat include meat and fish. Fruits such as apricot, papaya, and dates are ideal for this blood group. Foods to avoid include potatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, navy beans, wheat, and corn. The foods to target if one is looking for an effective weight loss diet include seafood, red meat, salt, kale, spinach, and broccoli. Vigorous physical exercises are encouraged.

Blood Group AB

These are the people who can have the best of both worlds – vegetarians and can eat meat. They should however eat everything in moderation. Some of the foods to include in their diet include dairy products, seaweed, seafood, vegetables, fruits, meat, and grains. For a person in this group, it is advisable to avoid foods such as red meat and seeds. If a person is looking forward to cutting down their weight, foods such as red meat, corn and buckwheat should be avoided. People with blood group AB are susceptible to low stomach acid and stress. All a person in this group should do is avoiding foods that will add acid to their stomach and exercise regularly. 

Blood Group A

Ideally, people in this group should work towards becoming total vegetarians. Among the foods to eat include tofu, vegetables, legumes, seafood, fruits, and grains. The body of a person in this group is ideal for the digestion of carbohydrates. Their bodies digest carbohydrates well because their stomachs have low levels of hydrochloric acid. Among the foods to avoid if your blood group is A include red meat, dairy products, wheat, and kidney beans. If you are looking forward to losing excess weight, foods such as vegetable oil, soy foods, and pineapple will do the trick. Non-aggressive exercises such as yoga are ideal for people in this group.

In Conclsuion

It is important that you identify the ideal diet that your blood Group can comfortably handle. Experts are now advising people that rather than going for endless gym sessions to try to cut down their waistline, why not just check what your blood group can handle well. By striking out a balance between your blood type and the right foods to eat, you are certainly going to have a healthy life. You will enjoy a life free of diseases, stress and even get a chance to prolong your life when you strike a balance between your blood group and the right food that goes with it.

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