Many people today live a fast life especially those in the cities. Your daily program is probably to wake up in the morning and rush to take your breakfast cereals and a cup of coffee as you head out to the office. During the day, you spend most of your time sitting in a slouched pose and over lunch hour you take a bite of French fries. When you arrive home in the evening, because of the tiredness experienced, you decide to ask for a pizza delivery and a soda. While you might say that you will only be doing this when you are tired, you will very soon find that this will turn out to be your everyday routine.

Not Enough Time?

Many people will find that they aren’t with enough time to do some morning or evening physical exercises because of their ever-busy daily schedules. However, it is because of this very lifestyle that many people lead which has led to 35% of the American population being obese. It is also important to note that over 6% of Americans struggle with extreme obesity. Becoming overweight never happens overnight and it is with the overlooking of simple things such as eating healthy food, exercising, and living a healthy life that most people find themselves struggling with weight-related issues.

Where Does Yoga Fit In?

There are several things that a person can do to reduce weight and also to prevent their body from gaining unwanted fat. One of the increasingly popular weight loss techniques that have been embraced by many is yoga.

In order to fully benefit from yoga with respect to weight loss, you must understand what yoga is and the different poses and techniques that you can use it. In a very strict definition, yoga is the spiritual and ascetic discipline that includes meditation, taking control of one’s breathing, and adopting the right sitting, standing, and lying posture. Yoga has been practiced by Hindus since around 3,000 BC. Over the years, the Indian sages have perfected the art of yoga and this has subsequently led to the type of yoga we know today which has been embraced by hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Many people over the centuries have come to believe that for perfection or success to be achieved in their lives, they have to find a solution outside their bodies. This is increasingly so today mainly because of the fast lifestyle and the many life obligations that can only be fulfilled financially. With the regular practice of yoga, you stand to regain your former shapely body frame but not as fast as the other traditional methods such as using the treadmill, jogging, or lifting weights.

Why Yoga?

Your body losses weight once the calories consumed in your body are fewer than those burned up. While yoga is accredited to being an effective weight loss technique that everyone should try out, it comes with a whole long list of other benefits which a person trying to reduce weight will be glad of. Unlike other exercises that you can do to reduce weight, yoga is unique in that you become mindful of the way you relate with your body. Rather than looking for solutions outside the body, you will come to accept and embrace the fact that solutions lie deep within you. You will now be able to make better decisions on what to eat and when to eat it. It is with total control of our bodies and spirits that we are able to reap the numerous benefits that yoga comes with.

Everything about yoga revolves around harnessing one’s ability. If you start practicing yoga today, you will find that the urge to eat junk food goes down. You will become mindful of the need to eat healthier foods which will enable your body to lose any unwanted fat. Because of the lifestyle which many people have, many of them suffer from stress and in severe circumstances depression. When stressed, many people tend to eat more without minding what they are eating. When you start practicing yoga, you put yourself in a state where you can manage your stresses and dictate what you will eat rather than leaving that prerogative to your tongue.

There are various poses and procedures that are included in yoga classes. However, there are specific poses that have been found to be ideal for those people who are willing to lose some fat from their waistline. Moreover, these steps are easy to follow for any person who is determined to take up yoga. Here are the poses to consider;

  • The Crescent

This is probably the simplest of yoga poses. The pose is manageable by everyone and all you need to do is stand and put your feet together. Your arms should be by your sides. Inhale deeply and put your arms over your head. Follow this with exhaling and bending forward from the hips and bringing your hands to the floor. This procedure serves as a warm-up to the higher or more complex poses of yoga.

The Crescent
The Crescent
  • The Willow

This is a yoga pose that is well known to help you firm the sides of your abdomen. It mainly involves you standing on one leg and keeping the left leg on a curve.

The Willow
The Willow
  • Rocking Boat

This is definitely a hard one for most people but with practice, it helps one concentrate. Just sit and lift your legs at 45 degrees and do the same with the head. See how long you can sustain the pose. It is ideal for your back and abdomen.

Yoga Rocking Boat
Rocking Boat
  • Forming A Chair

For this pose, you will need to stand straight and then bend your knees for 45 degrees. For effect, lift your hands straight. This pose is ideal for thighs and butt.

For great results to be achieved, you will need to have a mat or some carpet space. You will also need to practice your poses at least three times a week. Where possible, do your yoga in a quiet place where concentration is guaranteed. By adopting yoga into your daily life, you will be amazed at just how fast your excess body fat will go away.

Forming a Chair
Forming a Chair

A yoga video to help with your core:

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