The Link Between Obesity and Cancer

The Link Between Obesity and Cancer As the obesity epidemic soars across the western world, our lives are exponentially affected by an increasingly unhealthy public. Whether we struggle with our own weight or witness loved ones do so, chances are we are near and dear to someone who is considered obese. Extra weight is not merely an appearance issue. It affects every aspect of our lives, and studies show obesity […]


8 reasons to not be overweight

Obesity is the second leading cause of death after smoking. It is associated with an increased mortality rate of all ages including children. Losing weight though commercialized is still to your benefit if you carry more weight than you should. Obesity and overweight are term often used interchangeably. However, technically they refer to two different states. Being overweight technically means excess body mass. This includes all the body tissues. Obesity […]


Obesity and Diabetes

  A problem all over the world, especially in developed nations, obesity is regarded as a sort of silent epidemic which results in a whole lot of health issues. Similarly, a large number of people suffer from diabetes, which is also considered somewhat to be a compulsive killer. Combine both and you have a deadly malady in hand! Yes. It is true. Although all obese people needn’t contract diabetes and […]


Childhood Obesity

Obesity has become a potential health hazard for people all over the world and what is alarming is that children too have joined this dangerous trend. Childhood obesity is considered to be more of an epidemic in various parts of the world, and brings along with it a variety of other diseases ranging from hypertension to type II diabetes, not to mention psychological problems as well. Awareness, in this regard, […]


Why is it so EASY to GAIN WEIGHT during the HOLIDAYS?

I’m sure you have pondered this question, for it is no secret that we all tend to put on a few pounds during this magical time of year! For many of us across the globe it is a tradition to ring in the New Year with our belts loosened and seams bursting. Read on for 5 reasons why it is so easy to gain weight during the month of December, […]


Benefits Of Weight Loss

In today’s world health is a major issue or concern. More and more people are becoming health conscious and are looking for means to get a perfectly built body. This has led to the opening of many commercial institutions that aid in reducing weight and training purpose. Also there large supply of different miracle pills and gadgets in the market that claim to reduce weight and help you in developing […]


You Have Been Programmed to be Overweight

You Have Been Programmed to be Overweight. Throughout the day you are having many conversations with yourself. I’m talking about the internal self talk that in most people never stops. Some of this talk is harmless such as “I need to get some milk today” Some of this internal chatter is positive, such as “I’m going to do great today.” But much of your internal dialog is filled with self-criticism. […]


A Message To Overweight Kids or Teens

 If you are overweight or obese, don’t be afraid to ask your parents for help. I know that you may think they are too busy, don’t think it is a problem, or will just tell you to "eat less and get up and move instead of sitting around all the time". It isn’t quite that simple. Please let your parents know how you feel. They love you and want […]


Positive Imaging for Weight Loss

Visualization can play an important part in losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle that keeps it off. Losing weight can be difficult for many people who use fad diets and pills to achieve their weight loss goals without letting their mind help in the process… Visualization is a powerful technique that can help you make lasting lifestyle changes. Just by "day dreaming", you can significantly improve your chances in […]


Gastro-Physics and Dietary Anti-Matter

Do a little people-watching, next time you’re in the grocery line. There’s always someone with a cart, bulging with every conceivable kind of diet food. Flats of turkey bacon prop listlessly against the fat free half & half and Olestra cookies. At first glance, this is clearly someone who is completely health conscious, diet minded, and watching what they eat. But peek beneath the basket to the lower rack – […]