What is the Relationship Between Yoga and Weight Loss

Many people today live a fast life especially those in the cities. Your daily program is probably to wake up in the morning and rush to take your breakfast cereals and a cup of coffee as you head out to the office. During the day, you spend most of your time sitting in a slouched pose and over lunch hour you take a bite of French fries. When you arrive […]


Salt: the stealth enemy within

Here’s how a solitary substance having absolutely no calories could be such a significant reason behind gaining weight in addition to colossal health challenges. How you will detect the disguised sodium to safeguard your health. Sodium is a huge cause of gaining weight and frequently a cause for why the numbers on your scale are not heading down. The typical American consumes two times the quantity of sodium they ought […]


9 Surprising Sources of Sugar Eliminate These Foods Now For a Flat, Sexy Stomach

(Added) sugar By any other name still has the same effect on fat loss – it slows it down considerably by effecting hunger, blood sugar hormone and insulin levels .  If you want to create a truly “fit” kitchen, you want to minimize the added sugars in your food. The following are all “added sugar” by other names. Dextrose Maltose Crystalline Fructose Cane Crystals Fructose   (you can still eat fruit […]


Best And Worst Foods For A Flat Belly : Your Key To Losing Ugly Belly Fat & Reshaping Your Body

If You haven’t already read my article   and “9 Surprising Sources Of Sugar”   you should do it now for a better understanding of how ditching the chemical laden processed foods will make your fat loss soar.  Follow this advice for a month and I guarantee a leaner, more energetic, less bloated you ! If you want a flat, sexy stomach, this is what you want in your shopping cart: […]


Is This Why You Can't Lose Weight?

You’ve pretty much tried every diet and workout trend you’ve ever heard of, from the impractical to the to the down right crazy yet  your “skinny jeans”  just keep getting tighter. So, what’s the deal? Most likely, out-of-whack hormones—like estrogen, insulin, and even growth hormones from chemicals and additives in the foods you eat every day. (even “diet” and “healthy” foods) . Couple this with hidden sugars in the foods […]


How To Fix A Slow Metabolism

First, if you want to get rid of that stubborn fat from your butt, thighs and arms and lose those last 10 -15 lbs, you must STOP with the steady state cardio immediately. No more treadmills, elipticals or steppers. Conventional aerobic exercises are not very effective ways to lose weight and will train your body to STORE fat on top of inhibiting your  fat burning hormones. Study after study over the […]


How To Lose Belly Fat & Get A Flat, Toned Stomach In 7 Easy Steps

If you are like most women, especially most women over 40, getting rid of belly fat seems like impossibility.  As a woman over 40 myself, I’m here to tell you, it is not only possible but is much easier than you think.  Follow these tips, toss away these myths and I guarantee a flatter, more toned mid section before you know it. Pack in the Protein – Not only does Protein […]


The Perfect Weight Loss Plan

Obesity is widespread these days all over the world and people are desperately trying to find out ways and means of losing weight effectively and quickly. It could be due to health reasons like diabetes, hypertension, etc that almost always accompanies obesity or it could even be due to a desire to possess a faultless body in healthy condition. Whatever the reason, the search for a perfect weight loss plan […]


Burn Fat Naturally And Healthily

Natural weight loss is a big topic today for numerous people who do not comprehend the principle of eating only the quantity they need for the amount physical activity they perform; but how many people receive notice of this. The ability to burn fat is based on one’s metabolism levels and these levels can slow down when the body eats certain foods and avoids exercise. The ideal way to burn […]


Losing Pregnancy Weight: Need a Constant Source of Motivation?

Do you struggle with weight loss? Some days, you feel gung-ho. You’re ready to eat salad and chicken all day long, forsaking desserts for good. Other days, you feel completely hopeless. You think, "why bother?" as you reach to open a bag of cookies. When fighting a war against unhealthy habits, you will win and lose some battles. The key is keeping in touch with the "why" behind your weight […]